Childbirth may increase risk of breast cancer

Childbirth may increase risk of breast cancer
Childbirth may increase risk of breast cancer

There is a different risk of bosom malice among people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that some components become an integral factor.

These are among the hazardous factors that the person can not control and the person who can change.

For example, a person can not change his age, hereditary changes and family genealogy, while he can control his weight, alcohol and exercise levels.

One factor that some analysts have accepted can reduce the risk of a woman who is fatal.

In any case, as indicated by another investigation, the hypothesis is that labor can secure a woman, which is against deadly development, it may need to move forward. Investigations in the investigation suggest that this insurance does not happen soon. Rather, it can separate a big opportunity on a large scale to develop.

Similarly, experts have found that labor probably benefits the women of a particular age, which is in relation to the level of fatal hazard. To be told the truth, they found that more young women who conceive late, give rise to an experienced experienced dangerous level.

Impact of labor

On an adequate scale the test analyzed information from 15 wonders around the world. Researchers took a Gandhian with more than 800,000 women on a particular spotlight, which ignored the different tests on the subject.

This includes things that can affect the risk of bosom malignant development, for example, family lineage of malformation and lactation.

This danger attacked at its most notable point about 5 years later when the women imagined a child. Right now, in the expansion of this era, there was more than 80 percent more chance of the birth of boosom in mothers and those women who were suffering from experienced labor were also involved.

The creators are concerned that this danger was increasingly apparent for those women who fit into one of the three sections: Those individuals whose family was the offspring of family development, the person who was more established in their first birth season , Or who were older and more children. There was no effect of breastfeeding.

Deferred security

Nevertheless, the most important conclusion of the investigation was that after 23 years the boosome deadly development rate disappeared. After 2 decades, women started facing a type of assurance from the Maldives.

“What a great many people know,” says Hazel B. Nichols, Ph.D. – Based on the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill – “It is that compared to those women who are generally children, bosom reduces the likelihood of fatal development, who do not have youth, but they are actually women In the 60’s and in the past. ”

Every single young woman did not have the same dangerous level. For example, women who had their first vaccine after the age of 35, had a high risk, while those who experienced labor pains before the age of 25 had no extended risk.

In any case, for any woman who had yet conceived, the usual likelihood of obtaining a bosom fatal increase was still low.

There were 41 additional instances of 41 illnesses in every 100,000 women, who were 41-45 mature in the last 3 to 7 years. It was contradictory and in the same age women, who were not young. This figure increased to 247, when women got the age of 50.

Specialty of deadly increase

Bosniaria fatal increase among young women is less common, one part of these results is less surprising than others. However, searches can help in teaching therapeutic staff and people normally in general – especially those who can rely on the fact that labor immediately ensures them against bosom disease.

Similarly, researchers can use these searches to create an increasingly valuable model for bosom malignant chances. Thus, it can indicate rapid compelling screening and anticipation strategies.

Anyway they use the results, the scientists continue to emphasize the importance of remembering that there is not any kind of fragranceal growth.

For example, the examination discovered pregnancy for the protection of estrogen receptor positive Bosom maliciously. This benefit is not found in estrogen receptor-negative bosom fatal growth.

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